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Who Are We...and Why We Create Web Sites

WebMaker brings experienced professionals to your Web Design and Marketing Team.

Jay Cousins has over twenty years of experience marketing products and services; twelve of those years have focused entirely on the Internet. In addition, Jay has over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer, videographer and in creating computer graphics. As the marketing expert and resident artist at WebMaker, Jay develops and deploys effective marketing strategies that drive traffic to your web site; a site with solid copy that tells your story while marketing your products and services and professional graphics that support the text and the marketing strategy while downloading quickly.

Jay has been on the Internet since the days of the 4,800 baud modem - he makes sure that a WebMaker developed site provides the viewer with a good web experience and solid navigation, navigation that never has the viewer more than two clicks away from where they want to be. Jay describes himself as the General Manager and Janitor at WebMaker.

At WebMaker, we never do a thing just because we can... we only do what is effective for your company and customers.

Jay Cousins Darbie Marlin

Darbie Marlin brings over ten years experience in computer programming to WebMaker. Her degree in Civil Engineering ("a degree in problem solving") compliments her approach to web site design. While in college, she made her pocket money doing programming for the Bio-Engineering lab at the University of Missouri at Columbia. After receiving her Masters at the University of Washington, she worked for Chevron in San Francisco in the Computer Services Department. Darbie has been developing web sites since 1995. She is the owner of WebMaker.

"Programming is an essential part of every web site." No matter what your programming needs, Darbie creates forms and other web interface functions that put the viewer first, right where they should be. A form or function that gets in the way of the viewer creates a frustrating experience. WebMaker designed sites work with the viewers, not against them.

Darbie is the technician at WebMaker, developing Javascript and database applications.

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