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Darbie Marlin

Owner of / WebMaker

Darbie Marlin

I have been self-employed for over twenty years. In August, 1996, Jay Cousins and I launched Runway / WebMaker (now

Our philosopy: keep it small and simple. is the smallest Internet Service Provider in Spokane, Washington. We only host domains for which we are the web developers.

Because / WebMaker is small, the service that you'll get here is first-rate and detail oriented. We bring years of related experience to this exciting field.

Four, bright eyed, kittens look down from their cat tree.

When I was attending school at the University of Missouri, I made my "pocket money" as a computer programmer for the Bio-Engineering department. I regard programming as just as challenging as solving puzzles - and just as fun!

I have lived in Spokane for 30 years, where I share my home-office with wonderful cats (are there any other kind?).

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