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Make a Payment with CC via PayPal

Make payment to:
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Please enter this validation number in the box below: 7065


This is a typical payment page from PayPal:

typical PayPal payment page

In the upper left corner, this says "Waters of Light". This is the default business name for Darbie's e-mail, drb.marlin@webmaker-nw.
If you choose Jay's name above, it will say Jay J Cousins on the next page.

PayPal offers two gateways to make a payment. I have added the red numerals 1 and 2 to the image.

PayPal assumes that you're going to use your PayPal account to make a payment (option 1).
But, you can select (click) option 2 Pay with a debit or credit card
to use your Visa or Mastercard.

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