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Inlands Region

serving local branches of the
Society for Creative Anachronisms

The Society for Ceative Ananchronisms is a world-wide educational non-profit organization dedicated to the study and skills of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

By providing the visitor with an interactive map of the Inland Region's various branches (with a redundant pull-down menu) the viewer can navigate the site with ease. For readability purposes, we usually use black text on a white or light colored background. 500 years of reading the printed word proves this is the easiest color combination to convey a message... and we aren't going to argue with 500 years of experience.

Over the years, many people have begun to serve in the role of Web Minister for the various branches. Today, WebMaker is responsible for the overall site and for the four branches linked below.
These sites were developed using the PHP programming language, rather than HTML, so that changes to the whole site can be reflected with only a few individual file changes, saving time and effort… or on a commercial site, money.

A related section, created by WebMaker and used throughout the Society, is a popular flash-card series supporting heraldry. Viewers can print out black-and-white pages and color them in to learn about heraldry and to study the 'logos' for the various branches and people. Color pages are available so that viewers can check their work.

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Inland Region SCA branches

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